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Herb Seed Mix


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How does one describe the feeling you get from planting a window garden in cold weather? Cunning, Glorious and Hopeful.
Sourced from a three acre garden in New York's Rondout Valley, and via other local and regional farmers, Hudson Valley herb seeds are both heirloom and open-pollinated. Each seed packet arrives in an illustrated giftable packet.

- Seed packets are 3.5" x 3.5"

- Mammoth Long Island Dill - a beautiful and billowy herb perfect for edible landscaping, container gardens and pickling.  Has a long history of medicinal use.

- Garlic Chives - uniquely flavored chive emerges early in spring and sets charming white flowers in summer.  Perfect for borders and containers alike.

- Moss Curled Parsley - fresh and intensely flavored parsley whose leaves staff off the ground making it cleaner and easier to pick.   

- Greek Oregano - evocative of a Mediterranean coast, oregano is one of the hardiest herbs around.  Tolerant of snow and rarely dies back.  May be harvested in May or June and air dried for year long use. 

- Cilantro - tender and sweet, cilantro elevates the taste of nearly any dish.  Traditionally used in Mexican and Indian cuisine and now popular across the US for its refreshing herb taste.

- Sacred Basil - heavenly scented and classified an "adaptogen" by scientists, basil helps us adapt to physically or mentally stressful situations.   

- Chives - considered to be the only Allium native to both the Old World and the New.  A well know staple in herb beds or pots whose flowers attract pollinators.  Fresh delicate onion flavor.



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